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Lehrstuhl Keramische Werkstoffe – Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Schafföner

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Development of wear resistant and dry self-lubricating coatings on sintered steels from polymer-derived ceramics (BRAGECRIM)

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Projektbeschreibung: The aim of this project is to develop PDC coatings on sintered, pre-sintered and non-sintered parts. The goal is to obtain a metal component with a wear resistant surface by using hard ceramic phases (e.g. Si3N4 or SiC) in combination with a dry self-lubricant feature represented by ceramics with a low coefficient of friction (e.g. hBN). Thermal treatment of the coated samples in highly reactive environments should exert a positive influence on the coating properties. Due to the complexity of the processing scientists working together interdisciplinary in order to combine various expertise in the field of metal processing and polymer derived ceramics to develop a new coating technology.

Laufzeit: 2013 - 2018

Förderung: DFG

Ansprechpartner: Dr. rer. nat. Günter Motz, Dipl.-Ing. Mateus Lenz Leite

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Dr.-Ing. Carolin Spatz

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