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Welcome to Dr. Eranezhuth Wasan Awin

15. Februar 2021

We warmly welcome Dr. Eranezhuth Wasan Awin at our department. He will join us and the group of Prof. Dr. Rhett Kempe as research fellow from February 1st to May 31st. Many thanks to the Centre of International Excellence "Alexander von Humboldt" for the short term grant which enables Dr. Awin to work abroad.

Within his stay he will work on the design and processing of novel heterogeneous catalytic nanocomposite fibers based on polymer derived ceramics. ignocellulosic biomass which is an abundant, non-expensive and feasible (due to the non-competitive nature in the food chain) material is an excellent choice of replacement for fossil fuel and has wide application in medicinal chemistry. The development of novel catalytic reaction scheme concepts that mediates the conversion of lignocellulose derived alcohols to aromatic N-heterocycles (hydrogen generation/storage) is a challenge. In order to catalyze the corresponding reaction steps more efficiently and to withstand the strong basic conditions during the synthesis, novel catalysts have to be explored. Hence, the aim of this project is to design of a sustainable reusable heterogeneous catalysts based on transition metals, acknowledging the factors such as cost, selectivity, reusability and activity as well as the conservation of limited noble metal resources.

Further informations about the Centre of International Excellence "Alexander von Humboldt" could be found here.

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