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Chair of Ceramic Materials Engineering – Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Schafföner

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Declaration on accessibility

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University of Bayreuth 


The University of Bayreuth strives to make its websites accessible in accordance with the provisions of the Barrier-Free Information Technology Ordinance (BITV 2.0) implementing Directive (EU) 2016/2102.

This accessibility declaration applies to all faculty, chair, and other project websites located in the content management system (CMS) Fiona 7 used at the University of Bayreuth. The declaration explicitly does not apply to University-related websites that are created outside the University CMS.

There are separate accessibility declarations for the pages under the addresses https://uni-bayreuth.de and https://ubtaktuell.uni-bayreuth.de.

Content that is not accessible

The websites are partly in line with the provisions mentioned in the first paragraph. The barriers that still exist are listed below.

• Some of the pages lack alt attributes for images, tables, control elements, and layout graphics.
• There may be errors in the content hierarchy or links may be incomprehensible.
• Not all documents are available in an accessible version.
• No full audio descriptions, full text alternatives, or subtitles are currently available for embedded videos.
• Contrasts of texts and control elements are only partially sufficient.
• Displayed content can only be partially operated with the keyboard - not all areas can be skipped.
• There is a partial lack of alternative access routes.
• In addition, the assignment of table cells is missing.
• The labelling of form elements cannot be determined programmatically.
• Words and sections in other languages are not marked.

Justification for inaccessible content: 

As a university, we have extensive and diverse websites. Most of these were published before 23 September 2018 and therefore do not comply with the current state of accessibility. In addition, the websites are maintained in a decentralised manner, so uniformity can only be guaranteed to a limited extent.

Due to the number of websites and their decentralised maintenance, converting all websites to an accessible version is very costly in terms of time, money, and organisation. A complete conversion is being planned.

Should you notice any deficiencies or difficulties in accessing the content, please feel free to report them to the respective site managers. You will find a contact at the end of each page under "Responsible for editing" or under the menu item "Contact".

Preparation of th Accessibility Statement:

This declaration was created on 02.04.2022. The technical verification of accessibility was carried out by self-assessment.

Enforcement proceedings

If a request via the contact option remains wholly or partially unanswered within six weeks, the State Office for Digitisation, Broadband and Surveying shall, at the request of the user, examine whether measures are required in the context of monitoring vis-à-vis the obligated party.

State Office for Digitisation, Broadband and Surveying
Alexandrastraße 4
80538 München
Phone: +49 89 / 2129-1111
Fax: +49 89 / 2129-1113
E-mail: service@geodaten.bayern.de
Website: www.ldbv.bayern.de/service/kontakt

Other assistance offered by the University of Bayreuth

Office of the representatives of students with disabilities or chronic illnesses (BECKS)

Commissioner: Dr. Ulf Vierke
E-mail: ulf.vierke@uni-bayreuth.de
You can contact BECKS at:
Phone: 0921 / 55-4506
E-mail: becks@uni-bayreuth.de
Website: www.becks.uni-bayreuth.de

Representatives of the severly handicapped for employees of the University of Bayreuth 

Confidential counsellors can be found here: To the representatives of the severly handicapped

Webmaster: Onlineredaktion der Universität Bayreuth

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